Colourful Contemporary Art

I am a professional artist and art teacher.
I paint the tenacious bits of wild that defy human activity in a manner inspired by
my fascination with fossils and designed to make the viewer look deeper.
Studio visits by luck or by appointment are welcome.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

More Monoprint Fun

Happy daylight savings time...we need the extra hour to come down from post Halloween sugar highs lol.
Every year I swear I'll beat my addiction, but then I have 'just one'....addict that I am, I'm soon  in a sugar haze and vowing never again...until next year :)
All that energy has gone into the studio

one Monoprint done:
 and a painting started.

The St Thomas Elgin Artist's Guild show is just around the corner, opening Friday Nov 8th 7-10pm at the CASO station in 750 Talbot St in St T. Then continuing Saturday 12-8 and Sunday 12-6 2013, be there!

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