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I am a professional artist and art teacher.
I paint the tenacious bits of wild that defy human activity in a manner inspired by
my fascination with fossils and designed to make the viewer look deeper.
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow In The South, And My Interview On The Terra Skin Blog

Well we're back, we've been in South Carolina for the last 5 weeks. Did you see the coverage of the ice storms in Georgia? We were also hit by that storm so I have lots of pics of palms in the snow.

 It was too cold to do much work, but we spent a lot of time bundled up walking on the beach, which is one of the big attractions for us.  I'm still the Queen of spotting shark's teeth, even though I wasn't trying very hard I found 237 this year, crazy, I think the ability to spot them is a by product of developing the artist's ability to discern the important details and disregard the unimportant.
The link to the interview I did on the Terra Skin Blog is here check it out. Be warned you'll learn more about me than you ever wanted to know ! lol

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