Colourful Contemporary Art

I am a professional artist and art teacher.
I paint the tenacious bits of wild that defy human activity in a manner inspired by
my fascination with fossils and designed to make the viewer look deeper.
Studio visits by luck or by appointment are welcome.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Start Of Something Big?

One painting just about finished, but I'm thinking this is the start of a new series.
Coming home from our camping trip in July I enjoyed being a passenger, and I found myself fascinated by unmown ditches. 
Each was a fecund micro environment with a character of its own. By comparison the sterile sameness of the monocultured fields seemed dreary. 

painting Ontario landscape Robin Baratta artist

The sky in photo is just a bit purple compared to the original, but the rest of the colours are really close.   24x18,  glazed acrylic, Trueman Line, Ditches #1, $320.00, soon to be at The Art Emporium, in Port Stanley. contact

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